Kidsfriendliz: Top Level Hotel Experience for Kids Too

By Patrice Bonfy on April 21, 2017

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Based on actual  kid's experiences in hotels

I am a lucky guy. First, I have a great little boy (soon two). Second, he, his mother and I indulge from time to time in spending a few days in excellent hotels.

The Kidsfriendliz (it's a codename) idea occurred to me when, at the pool of a magnificent Austrian hotel, the lifeguard offered my son this Chewbacca.

I thought:

  • Very sweet of them to acknowledge and reward the awesomeness of my kid.
  • I wonder how they manage stocks of toys to offer like this
  • Disney must be thrilled to have their toys distributed in such a positive context. Chances are he will start a collection.
  • Parents who visit expensive hotels with their kids are probably the best target for companies producing premium stuff for kids
  • Maybe the hotel has a bargain on these toys. Maybe Disney gives them these toys.
  • Yeah... No. Who would have time for that, in the hotel or at Disney?
  • Couldn't a digital platform optimize the relationship between cool hotels and premium kids stuff providers?

Design, provision and manage great kids experiences

Plan 100% of every kid journey

Kidfriendliz provides hotel owner with complete lists of moments of a child's stay that can be improved (welcome gift, equipment, food, etc.) by age, gender and types of activities available in or around the hotel (beach, mountain, city). Kidsfriendliz does the hard work of figuring out what kids need so that hotel can focus on making some moments magical.

Provision of exceptional products

For each moment of a kid's journey, hotel owners discover suggestions of high-quality products. They can start a conversation with the providers and negotiate their terms (according to quantity ordered, order frequency, hotel notoriety, etc.) and finalize a deal.

Manage kids' stay

When kids' experiences are created and provisioned, each new visit of a child is registered in a simple tool that:

  • Creates a checklist of actions and products planned
  • Registers the different stocks evolution and sends alerts when a given stock is running low
  • Generates a parent feedback process. Did they like the products? How was their stay improved by their kids' experience?

Prototyping by selling (trying to)

In order to better understand the needs of hotel owners concerning their small visitors, we plan to make a primary selection of kids products providers, design kids journeys with these products and go present these journeys to hotel owners. Will they buy?

You can help us if...

  • You are in the hotel business or can connect us with someone in the hotel business
  • You produce equipment or consumables for kids, of can connect us with someone who does
  • You have ideas of hotels or products that would make sense for Kidsfriendliz, even if you know no one there :)

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TLDR* : Hotel owners increasingly realize that parents' satisfaction as guests surely depends on the quality of their children's experience. Kidsfriendliz helps them organize perfect stays for kids of all ages, connecting them with the best specialist providers.

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