PopCorner: Augmented Home Decorating

By Patrice Bonfy on May 04, 2017

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Decorative Anamorphosis

An anamorphosis is a distorted image that appears "normal" again when looked at through a particular process.

Vantage point based anamorphosis is the most exciting for decorative purpose. It plays with perspective and makes surprising forms appear in spaces.

By the artist Felice Verini, you get something like this (nothing is suspended, it is only painted):

For sidewalks decoration, it can look like this:

And in my sons' bedroom, by me, you get:

There can be numerous creative applications of anamorphosis for home decoration. Angles are used to drawing new perspectives. Floors and ceilings make doors on magical universes appear.

However, actually crafting an anamorphosis is not an easy task. Just for the above pyramid (that appears symmetrical only from the vantage point of the picture), I had to cut the pyramid's parts out of a sheet of cardboard, use the resulting stencil has a projection filter (the iPhone flash makes quite a good projection light), tape around the projected parts of the pyramid on the wall, and eventually, paint inside the areas delimited by tape. It works all right, but the level of details is very limited.

Your anamorphosis, a few clicks away

PopCorner, Corner art that pops!

Working with corners offers a few benefits for decorative anamorphosis:

  • Corners are often available. Even in fully decorated interiors, you can easily find one or two angles to PopCornerize. Furthermore, one does not expect decoration in corners, which gives more impact to the anamorphosis
  • The corner emphasizes perspective effects if embraced by the creation. In the pyramid above, the inner corner of the walls become the outer corner of the pyramid
  • The corner is an easy landmark. There is a lot of calculation involved in creating an anamorphosis. Working around a corner makes it easier to measure the distances between the chosen vantage point and the anamorphosis position. These distances are necessary for an efficient calculation of the image distortion

On PopCorner, everyone can order their personalized anamorphosis:

  • Model selection, in a catalog, ideally opened to third artists contributions
  • Size and type selection. Will you anamorphosis be a sticker? A giant sticker? A right-angles canvas?
  • The input of distances between the anamorphosis and the chosen vantage point (Your sofa? The entrance door?)
  • Payment and delivery. Yes, that's it. A few days later, you get your anamorphosis and instruction on how to position it and where from to look at it!

PopCorner, beyond corners

To make it even easier to create personalized anamorphosis, and thus further enlarge PopCorner's expression territories, we could use augmented reality technologies and allow users to instantaneously visualize the anamorphosis they are creating on their smartphone.

Space recognition technologies are incredibly complex and often based on artificial intelligence techniques. Good news, however, at the last F8, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook's new vision for the camera: Make it the first augmented reality platform. ("I told you that they would open a computer vision platform").

One of the "building blocks" of their augmented reality platform will be (we don't know when and how) giving third-party developers access to Facebook's "SALM" technology, which allows instant recognition of the position in space and surfaces visible on a picture.

Such a technology would make it possible to sell "It's feeding time" stickers that would have the same appearance of the one presented in the above photo when looked ar from the same vantage point. Fun decoration for a table!

The app could identify vantage points allowing anamorphosis creation with few surfaces to cover (to keep the anamorphosis easy enough to install), and could even proactively suggest creations based on the vantage point and the content captured by the camera. Stickers would be delivered with visual instructions showing exactly where to stick them.

Prototyping PopCorner

PopCorner to print

To measure the public interest for corner art that pops (and test the actual look of different creations), we could first create a simpler platform with:

  • Visual selection out of a small catalog
  • Distances input between the corner and the vantage point
  • Downloading of a PopCorner art to print oneself

You can help us if...

You are a designer and have ideas of corner creations that could pop well.

You have an opinion on corner art and want to share it with us.

You work at Facebook on the AR platform and think that PopCorner could be a nice demonstration prototype when the platform launches :)

Leave a comment and contact us!