Protoletter EN#2

By Patrice Bonfy on May 11, 2017



Since the last Protoletter, France has a new president, Patrice's bio evolved from "Father of 1, soon 2" to "Father of 2 sons" and our projects kept on moving forward. Time for an update.

The Prototypers Project

Company Incorporation with Qonto

In France at least, before Qonto, to incorporate a business you first had to meet bankers, explain your project and convince them to open an exaggeratedly costly bank account.

With Qonto beta, online and for free, we were able to deposit the needed funds for Prototypers SAS incorporation. When the incorporation is complete, these funds will become our running business bank account. Online, straightforward and cheap.

We did have to wait a few weeks before being able to access their beta, but since then the experience has been frictionless. We will let you know how things go in the day to day management of the company's bank account!

New formats of articles and ideas

All our new publications are only available on It makes sharing and discovering articles easier, and Google seems to start realizing that "Prototypers" means us.

As stated in Protoletter #1, we wanted to set up a shorter and more fun format for sharing our ideas.

It will be Messenger discussions screencasts and guided discussions with a bot installed on the Prototypers Facebook Page. Videos will be realized with Botsociety and guided discussions with Chatfuel. First "discussed" idea coming soon!

Latest news on current explorations

LiveHumanVR moves forward with HaloLabs

Our first experiments with HaloLabs beta (previously known as ProntoVR) seems to demonstrate that their tool will allow us to create a relevant prototype of the LiveHumanVR experience. We just need to be able to integrate animated gifs now, which should be possible soon.

We will also soon publish an interview of HaloLabs' CEO, and explore with him what the stakes of VR are.

Co-prototypers, soon in your VR headsets

Our Idea Maturation Process has a Product

When discussing chatbots with agencies and advertisers, we realized one thing: There are a lot of questions raised, but very few answers tested.

So we created our creative consulting answer: Chatbots Idea Maturation for your activity.

Contact us to receive the complete deck presenting this product

It aims to be a short and efficient mission allowing a company to:

  • Understand the chatbots context and acquire convictions
  • Identify deployment opportunity relevant to the business's organization and objectives
  • Explore two detailed custom chatbot workflows

This mission template could be made available about other technologic fields we study, such as VR, Workplace and the nex gen way of working, etc.

Updates on other projects

  • Even if we had to cancel the Social Bot test night - because Patrice's second son was born - the article lead us to meet the GetTogether bot creator. We had an interesting discussion about bots and In Real Life digital socialization.
  • Workplace is still fueling various explorations (Specific deployment contexts consulting and technical specialization, products creation for companies using Workplace, etc.)
  • With KidsFriendliz, we have been learning a lot about kids journeys in hotels. Thanks to the specialists who gave us a little time, we are still looking for new volunteers. We also met Hello Marcel co-founder and discussed bots (again?) and services for parents who want only the best for their kids.


  • Other fascinating meetings! Even without a direct link to one of our projects, we obviously want to hear about your startups, your innovating projects. Send us a message!
  • One of the main announcements of the F8 was Facebook's ambition to make the camera the first augmented reality platform. We predicted a computer vision platform for all developers! So, 1. "We told you so." And 2. we can't wait to be able to access such a platform!