Co-prototypers’ Resume

Our journey to here.

We’ve been co-entrepreneurs since we graduated in 2008. We first launched Sociabliz, an innovative social marketing apps development agency. In 2012, we got involved in the creation of Chalandiz and Envouthé. We sold Sociabliz in 2014 to Acticall Group, a major Customer Service outsourcer. After 3 years helping with the fusion, and 8 years collaborating with exciting brands such as Nintendo, Hermès, Citroën or Total, we decided to become full time entrepreneurs again, and to publically open our ideas notebook.

“Le Paternel” & Platforms Consulting

Our path forward

We imagined and published various technological and business ideas. We finally settled on creating a media brand while keeping exploring new technological platforms. Our goal with “Le Paternel” media brand is to take an active part in the media revolution, as well as to demonstrate an expertise on parenting and education, a bedrock for future innovative products and services. Prototypers Consulting keeps us connected with technological innovations and their adoption by companies.